7 LB Groomer Pack

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This 7 LB (28 bars) order is Free Shipping for orders within the US. International customers may still order this product, but shipping is extra.

In the “Comments” box on the “Checkout” page, specify which scents you prefer to make up the 7 lbs (28 bars). If left blank, we will include a variety of scents.

Packaged by the pound. Select from any currently available scents shown on the website.

For best results, apply directly to the coat of the wet pet, really working the shampoo throughout the hair of the pet down to the skin. Then thoroughly rinse out the coat. Apply a second lather as just described for a squeaky clean groom.

NOTE: Average usage is 10-12 cats or small dogs, 8-10 medium dogs, 6-8 large dogs, bathed per bar, lathering twice for each pet and using Chubbs Bars exclusively. Using this average, the shampoo costs are approximately between $.64 and $1.02 per pet with two lathers, using Chubbs Bars exclusively.

NOTE FOR UK CUSTOMERS: Due to changes in UK VAT tax regulations, we will no longer be shipping orders of less than £135. Please make sure your order is at least £135 not counting shipping costs to avoid cancellation of your order.

*In an effort to preserve the look and natural state of our shampoo bars, weight measurements are approximate and not exact.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 5.5 in

4oz., 1lb

8 reviews for 7 LB Groomer Pack

  1. Valerie

    This pack is a great deal! Chubbs bars are wonderful and I enjoy using them every day in my grooming salon. They make the dogs feel slick & shiny and my hands feel great after using them all day!

  2. Kelly D. (verified owner)

    Awesome product, awesome results!

  3. Ellen V. (verified owner)

    How can you not love Chubbs? Kitties feel sooo good after being bathed with it!

  4. Melissa H. (verified owner)

    Fabulous we use it on every cat in our cat salon

  5. Annabel (verified owner)

    smells so good. whitney from the charleston cat groomer recommended this company and i love it. will be buying again. please release more clean smells!

  6. Stacey (verified owner)

    Great for the removal of grease, yeast, dirt, etc. We use this product on all our cat and dog clients. Our customers do notice that their pet’s coats are cleaner, and shinier.

  7. Ellen V. (verified owner)

    Chubbs bars get even my greasy Maine coon cats clean!

  8. Michele Chernesky (verified owner)

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